Friday, 1 May 2015

Book#22...Memory in Death

It’s December 2059, a year has passed since the beginning of Eve and Roarke’s journey, story wise, written in 22 books. I still find the characters intriguing and fresh.

Throughout this series we’ve learned of Roarke’s beginnings,his abusive father, how he met Summerset and of his previous criminal connections. A couple of books have dealt with this in more detail, bringing his past into the present.

With Eve, we learned of her horrible childhood as she relives it in nightmares and flashbacks. Her memory is patchy and it has only been since Roarke has come into her life that she’s been brave enough to face it.

I like how with every book the story of this couple moves forward, and their past is not only revealed, but part of it. Isn’t that how life works? People move in and out of your life, some with a negative impact so their return is not so welcome.

Such is the case here. Eve at age eight was placed in a foster home, and her foster mother was almost as twisted and abusive as her father.

With the notoriety of the Icove case, (from the previous book), that foster mother becomes aware not only of where Eve lives but that she has a very rich husband, and arrives in New York, supposedly for a happy reunion.
Trudy surprises Eve in her office and the meeting leaves Eve in a state of shock with the onslaught of memories. When Eve later finds Trudy murdered, she manages to stay on the case, as she and Roarke, the most likely prime suspects, had a perfect alibi.

Again, Eve’s character continues to evolve, in how she copes with the past and how her relationship with Roarke allows her the comfort and support to deal with it.

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