Friday, 8 May 2015

Book #29...Kindred in Death

All murder cases are difficult because, hey, someone is dead who shouldn’t be. This time it’s a decorated cop’s daughter who was targeted, as revenge against the father.

Dallas has come to full acceptance of her husband’s involvement in her work. He has a keen mind and she is now willing to use his experiences, his intelligence and intuition, and to a lesser degree, his resources.

Roarke, on the other hand, enjoys her work, the challenge of it, and in his way feels he’s righting some of his previous wrongs. They have become a true team, knowing the worst of each other, and understanding and loving each other despite it all.

Life invades Eve’s work, or should it be that work invades her life, as Louise and Charles prepare to marry. I love the chance meetings Eve has, first with Louise and then with Charles as she goes about solving her case.

Once it’s done it’s the wedding and time to celebrate.

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