Sunday, 3 May 2015

Book#24...Innocent in Death

In the previous book, Eve and Roarke faced many challenges...more personal than professional. One of those was the birth of Mavis’s baby, with Eve and Roarke acting as birth coaches. And then there was the police department’s attitude to Roarke’s involvement in a case, which caused stress for their relationship.

Roarke was disappointed to think that his beginnings as a street rat in Dublin, his somewhat shady beginnings, would always come back to taint the image he has worked so hard to achieve. Eve could care less about image, and often feels guilty for using her husband on a case, when she is such a dismal failure as a corporate wife.

An old flame, a woman who was once his partner in some less-than-legal activities, comes to New York. She’s not the first ex-lover that Eve has met, but she’s the first one who mattered. Not only do they have a history Eve doesn’t really understand, the woman is educated, beautiful and classy. She’s the kind of woman who would make the perfect wife for a man of Roarke’s means and status.

Eve feels threatened in a way she’s hard pressed to explain...self doubts and an instinctive feeling the other woman is out to make trouble. Maybe Roarke is feeling a little thin-skinned since the insult he suffered on the previous case, but he is angered by Eve’s concern of his further association with the other woman, and accuses her of petty jealousy.

This is a test for the couple, for there is a disconnect that they will have to find a way to mend if their relationship is to survive.

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