Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Book #26...Strangers in Death

When one spouse has a job requiring a great deal of time, effort and dedication, like a cop or a doctor, the other spouse can become resentful, maybe jealous of that time spent apart. Eve is 110% dedicated, often brings her job home and more and more often, involves Roarke in police work. Conversely, she has no interest in his financial empire, or in being a corporate wife.

Reading book after book, it seems as if Roarke is the understanding and supportive husband. He seems to accept when Eve forgets plans, comes home late or bruised and battered. He gets her ‘need’ to be a cop, and the total dedication she gives to each case. For a powerful man, he seems to understand that even as she uses his experiences and resources when needed, she resents the fact that she does.

In this book Eve recognizes the killer from the beginning, and must find a way to prove their guilt. It's a convoluted story, and a plot we've seen before, in movies, books and television. I like these references to present day, like in a previous book and the use of an old Agatha Christie book.

Twenty-six books in and these characters are still engaging. I like how Eve and Roarke’s marriage is a work in progress, how the characters are changed by events and move forward. That’s how life comes to us after all, one event at a time, and we learn to accept, adapt and go on.

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