Friday, 13 April 2018


When I moved to my apartment eleven years ago I made friends with a neighbor. It was an odd friendship, one, as she was 18 years older than me, and two, because we are so very different.

I could never figure out why she liked me as I was a creature of whim, and was never ruled by routine. She is a very precise person, in her diet, in taking her meds, in how she does things. But we bonded over her innate sense of kindness.

We were standing in the lobby of our building, waiting for the snowplow to finish clearing the parking lot. The weekly papers were sitting on the table, and I grabbed a couple, one for the weekly flyers and the other for the local news and the crossword puzzle.

I didn't know she had the newspaper delivered daily until I found a week's worth of puzzles, neatly cut and clipped together in my mail slot. I did the neighborly thing and thanked her with  some home baking.

That was the beginning of our friendship.

I'm not sure I would have finished my first book if I hadn't had her ear to listen to my ideas, my stops and starts, to read what I wrote and give me encouragement to continue.

We spent a lot of time together, as it was easy to walk down the hall for a cup of tea.

The years since have not been kind, though we are both ambulatory. I have progressed from cane to walker (I have MS) and in spite of the fact she could use one or the other, she stubbornly refuses.

After two falls a year ago, and two concussions, she has deteriorated significantly into a state of, I suppose you could call it, dementia. I sometimes question her reasoning and she has lost most of her short term memory. Her vision has decreased and she has difficulty with reading, books, papers, menus.

We often went to Costco and as she has the membership, she paid for my items. I went to pay her back the last time and she didn't know how much I owed her nor did she remember that I did owe her. I joked and said I should have told her I'd paid, saved my money. I could have cheated her, with her none the wiser. I wouldn't of course, but others might. And that is a concern.

Yesterday we were out and there were so many mix-ups in the day because she couldn't remember what plans we'd made. I just go with the flow. But I know, for her sake, it's time someone gave her some tough love, as she doesn't have family close enough to know what is happening.

Next week will be that time. We're going to get her linked up with the Access Center, so she has a resource person to call when she needs more help,or the nurse's advice. We're going to arrange for a personal alarm, in case she falls again. And, we're going to look at other living accommodations, as she really should not be living alone, preparing her own meals.

She'll fight me on some of this, but I'll be persistent. I won't leave her to deal with all of this alone. I have my children and grandchildren to help me, she has virtually no one.

As she said yesterday, "Growing old sucks." I wholeheartedly agree.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Competition

)A little competition can be a healthy thing, unless it gets out of hand. Something happened this week that reminded me of these old song lyrics.

Irving Berlin wrote this song in 1946 for the  Broadway musical "Annie Get Your Gun". It was performed as a duet. Here's the first of it, all I can remember.

"Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you."

"No, you can't!"

"Yes. I  can."

"No, you can't."

"Yes, I can."

"Yes, I can! Yes, I can!

So, the competition.

Last week I had a fall at my son's place when the dog rushed out the door at the same time as me (the dog rushed, not me, LOL) knocking me off balance. My daughter had exited ahead of me and was down the couple of steps. She stepped in and broke my fall, as my son grabbed for me from behind.

We all ended up on the floor laughing. I'll admit that night I felt the aches and pains of that jarring, but was relieved, as the outcome could have been much worse.

Yesterday, while painting a bedroom, my daughter fell off the step stool, and managed to land on the floor without spilling a drop of paint. Scored a 10 for that landing, for sure.

So now we are even, one fall apiece. But, she's a competitive soul, that kid of mine.

Parking on the left side of her driveway, when she usually parks on the far right, she exited the car, assuming she had lots of room and found out quickly that there was a limited amount of space.  She once again found herself on the ground with a scrape on her leg, a few bruises and even more aches and pains.

I declare her the winner of this Falls Challenge. She's too tough a competitor for me.

Next time, I'm hoping for a Bake Off, something a bit easier, and with better rewards.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Roosters in the Kitchen

At my daughter's home the other day, and she received a lovely gift...a statue of a rooster. Beautiful, modern, in tones of grey it matched her kitchen perfectly.

Someone else in attendance was surprised she didn't already have one, and it brought back memories of the red rooster statue that was in my grandmother's kitchen. Little did I know that this was an important feature, and why roosters have been such a popular item in kitchen accessories.

A rooster in the kitchen is thought to bring good luck and good fortune.

It was said if a rooster came into your kitchen it foretold of wealth and prosperity.

So, if you are looking to improve your finances it might help to make sure you have at least one "rooster" in your kitchen.

I think I'll have to keep my eye out for a little rooster of my own. It can't hurt.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Road Hockey

For some the hockey season is over and done, but for those kids who eat, breathe and live hockey, the season is never done. They just change the venue from the arena to the street.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sports Sunday

I have been watching sports all afternoon, two of my favorites, golf and tennis. I am amazed at tennis pro Roger Federer, who has been winning consistently this season and last, at 36 years of age, and after a 6-8 month absence due to injury.

The final match is still playing for the Indian Wells tournament, and it is nail biting. Second set went to a tie break and this third and deciding set is very grueling to say the least.

I was also watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida. I'll admit I haven't paid much attention to golf, not since Tiger Woods went off with his numerous back issues. Many said he would never be back, or ever play to his old form. Well, last weekend he came in tied for second, and this week he was a serious contender until the 16th hole.

Rory McIlroy is back, and I suspect was the winner, though I turned off to see the end of the tennis.

I have always been surrounded by sports. My Dad was a pro football player, and played both golf and tennis into his retirement. The television was always set to some sports event or another. My son played hockey and I earned the title of Hockey Mom.

I watch hockey, usually just the Maple Leafs, our 'home' team. I try to keep up because my grandson and son-in-law are such fans

I like sports, and will watch the Blue Jays once they are home and the season begins.

I spend most evenings crocheting, or reading, and sports make a nice background. If something exciting happens the announcers always give you warning, and then there's the instant replay. I don't have to worry about what I am missing when my eyes are on my work instead of the screen.

Come on guys, let's get this done. Third and final a tie...and Del Potro has finally beaten Roger Federer. Darn. It was exciting, but not the outcome I'd hoped for, but now I can go back to what I was doing.