Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spiders in the Night

I hate spiders. I dislike most bugs but as the majority are outside, I can deal. But spiders come inside, so they get on my hate list.

The other night I was up late, just had to finish that one chapter, which turned into the next and the next. I happened to look up and saw a spider in the corner, at the ceiling. He seemed to be moving, and I wondered if I was wrong in assuming ‘he’ and maybe it was a female, and she was making a web out of the dust up there to make a nest. I had an immediate vision of the wall being covered in baby spiders.

Seems strange, but it was four in the morning and I had just read a book on the supernatural.

I got out of bed and grabbed my broom. Problem is, if I wiped the wall with the broom the spider could fall into my bed, and then what would I do?

I took a wad of packing tape, sticky side out, and stuck it to the end of the broom. Reaching the end to the corner, I aimed for the spider. I thought I got it and immediately wrapped the tape in toilet paper and put it in the garbage.

But when I lay down again, I saw a small black spec on the wall, and suddenly it seemed bigger, and had legs. Crap!

I tried the tape thing again, but this time I taped it to the broom handle, for a better and more solid hit at the spider. He moved down the wall before I was ready and I aimed, but missed. The spider dropped down, missed the bed and ended up in the corner behind the bed.

I moved the bed away from the wall, just a few inches, found dust, a couple of crochet hooks, and a pen. I also saw the spider moving along the baseboard and got him with my sticky broom handle and disposed of him, after making sure, this time, I had the spider.

Since I was up anyways, and had the broom, I swept along all the edges where the walls and ceiling met, getting rid of any dust or cobwebs.

Finally, I was ready to go to sleep, my night adventure over and done.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fascination With Poop

I've noted these crazy commercials on television of late, all about Poop and can't help but wonder if these ads really help sell their products. I don't know, but I still like the old style commercials, you know the ones, with the cute little all white kittens used to sell toilet paper.

Take the Charmin bears ad. First it was all about bits of toilet paper sticking to the bears butts, but then it became all about the "enjoy the go". Really? It's a biological function, and the only time you enjoy the go,so to speak, is when you're constipated and finally get relief.

Recently there was an ad about a woman, loving her bathroom, except that sometimes it stinks. I think they were selling a bathroom spray for bad odors. That's how little I pay attention to the product names.

This morning I saw the silliest ad, and I admit I sort of watched it, this first time, but not again. It had a princess type diva carrying on about having a poop and being embarrassed by the smell in front of whoever followed her into the her boss, or her prince charming.

The product was a spray she used in the toilet before she pooped, that created a barrier between the air and her 'business' in the toilet bowl, thereby leaving no bad smells. Who thinks of such things, and who wants to carry a spray container around...just in case?

Myself, I think the scientific brains that create such a product could put their intelligence to a better use. Think of the 'non poop' possibilities?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

We're Back

I have been without a computer for a week now, but tonight, my baby is back, no more quirks or funny aches and pains.

I don't know exactly what was wrong, the important thing being I didn't lose anything and learned a valuable lesson about backing up my work.

I don't have a cell phone, so was entirely without internet connections for the week. So many times I wondered about something and would have googled it, but couldn't. A couple of times someone with a phone did it and I have seriously reconsidered my ban on cell phones.

But, if I get a cell phone, when the initial text crazy phase passes, I want the ability to take pictures.

It is so great being back on line, I think I should name my laptop, as I did my car when it became difficult and was acting out. I'll have to think on that.

So, hello, how was your week?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring Cleaning

Some women have a very steadfast list of chores to do every spring, probably those same women who do their cleaning on a regular daily or weekly basis.

My mother was not one of those women, and that's my excuse for why I'm a lousy housekeeper. Sorry Mom.

I've listened to women talk about taking all their curtains down to wash, shampooing their carpets, emptying out all their kitchen cupboards, washing their windows, and the list goes on.

I do this on a needs basis. Like when I cleaned the kitchen cupboards after finding the shortening I had for baking had melted. It was a hot summer and the shelf was over the light. When my cupboards get cluttered I clear out, sort, make everything neat and tidy, and hope it will stay that way for awhile.

Do you remember those scenes from old black and white movies, where the woman is beating a rug outside, clothes and linens were washed and hung on the line? That's not something you see much of anymore, but that's changing because of the cost of electricity in Ontario.

I've managed to clean out my closet, and got rid of items I don't wear. Did the same with my drawers, pulling out the T's and hoodies that I've stored and never worn.

When I reached for something in the fridge the other day I saw it had a long ago expiry date. I ended up cleaning out the fridge, and followed that up with a check of items in the cupboard.

Needing to find a space on the bookcase for a recent gift, I sorted through my books and cleared out a number that's I'll never read, or never read again.

See, on a needs basis. Slow but sure I get the job done, at my own pace, at my own timing.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Although planting in my area of the world is unofficially the long weekend at the end of May, some hardy perennials may make their appearance early.

We had our share of rain during the winter, freezing and otherwise. And just lately, we've had gray skies and more rain. Although it's spring, the rain brings the dampness, and it's still cold enough I feel the chill that brings an ache to my bones.

from incredible

I see the kids outside, wearing their boldly patterned and colored rubber boots.I watch as they stomp in the puddles, laughing and so carefree. Puddles are meant to be splashed in, as are puddles that freeze overnight with that thin layer of ice. Have you ever been able to walk by that bit of ice without stepping on it?

My puddle stomping days are over, and some of that may be that I don't have my own pair of brightly colored boots, but I always step on the ice.

Some things are ageless, and a rite of spring.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Take me out to the ball game...

I'm not a big fan of baseball, but I am a Blue Jays fan. I may watch some of the games televised, but only if my Jays are playing. I got interested a few years ago when the Jays were in the finals.

Baseball is like hockey for me, background noise. I cannot sit and watch TV and do nothing, so I read, crochet or do some other crafty thing.

I may not pay attention, but you can tell by the announcer's voice when happens, and there's always an instant replay.

My Dad used to say baseball was a great sport to nap to, something he passed down to his son.

I think I like baseball because I can track the action. Someone hits a ball, the batter runs to first, maybe further. The action is not as intense as hockey where the players are skating all over the ice, too many players, moving too fast for me to track.

This is that funny time of year, baseball season starting up, hockey and basketball heading into playoffs, and then there's golf, with the Masters this weekend and don't forget tennis.

I grew up in a sports family, raised a son who played hockey, and now have grandsons into hockey and lacrosse. If I didn't keep up with sports, what would I talk to all these guys about?

So it's one...two...three strikes you're the old ball game.