Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fascination With Poop

I've noted these crazy commercials on television of late, all about Poop and can't help but wonder if these ads really help sell their products. I don't know, but I still like the old style commercials, you know the ones, with the cute little all white kittens used to sell toilet paper.

Take the Charmin bears ad. First it was all about bits of toilet paper sticking to the bears butts, but then it became all about the "enjoy the go". Really? It's a biological function, and the only time you enjoy the go,so to speak, is when you're constipated and finally get relief.

Recently there was an ad about a woman, loving her bathroom, except that sometimes it stinks. I think they were selling a bathroom spray for bad odors. That's how little I pay attention to the product names.

This morning I saw the silliest ad, and I admit I sort of watched it, this first time, but not again. It had a princess type diva carrying on about having a poop and being embarrassed by the smell in front of whoever followed her into the her boss, or her prince charming.

The product was a spray she used in the toilet before she pooped, that created a barrier between the air and her 'business' in the toilet bowl, thereby leaving no bad smells. Who thinks of such things, and who wants to carry a spray container around...just in case?

Myself, I think the scientific brains that create such a product could put their intelligence to a better use. Think of the 'non poop' possibilities?

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