Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spiders in the Night

I hate spiders. I dislike most bugs but as the majority are outside, I can deal. But spiders come inside, so they get on my hate list.

The other night I was up late, just had to finish that one chapter, which turned into the next and the next. I happened to look up and saw a spider in the corner, at the ceiling. He seemed to be moving, and I wondered if I was wrong in assuming ‘he’ and maybe it was a female, and she was making a web out of the dust up there to make a nest. I had an immediate vision of the wall being covered in baby spiders.

Seems strange, but it was four in the morning and I had just read a book on the supernatural.

I got out of bed and grabbed my broom. Problem is, if I wiped the wall with the broom the spider could fall into my bed, and then what would I do?

I took a wad of packing tape, sticky side out, and stuck it to the end of the broom. Reaching the end to the corner, I aimed for the spider. I thought I got it and immediately wrapped the tape in toilet paper and put it in the garbage.

But when I lay down again, I saw a small black spec on the wall, and suddenly it seemed bigger, and had legs. Crap!

I tried the tape thing again, but this time I taped it to the broom handle, for a better and more solid hit at the spider. He moved down the wall before I was ready and I aimed, but missed. The spider dropped down, missed the bed and ended up in the corner behind the bed.

I moved the bed away from the wall, just a few inches, found dust, a couple of crochet hooks, and a pen. I also saw the spider moving along the baseboard and got him with my sticky broom handle and disposed of him, after making sure, this time, I had the spider.

Since I was up anyways, and had the broom, I swept along all the edges where the walls and ceiling met, getting rid of any dust or cobwebs.

Finally, I was ready to go to sleep, my night adventure over and done.

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