Wednesday, 3 May 2017

French Fry Trucks

French fries are not a seasonal thing by any means, but french fries from a roadside truck certainly are. It is a personal rite of spring that I start the season with a brown bag of french fries. Nothing tastes better.

It's already May and I haven't welcomed spring yet, so I need to get out and around, and find a truck.

The trucks used to offer fries and a variety of drinks, but so many have added to their menus to where you can get a meal instead of just a snack.

For years our favorite spot was at a four corners north of town. It was only open on the weekends, situated to catch all the cottage crowd, coming and going.

I often went alone, but of late find that the grandchildren are ready and willing to celebrate spring, summer, and into fall with me. Sitting in the sun, enjoying hot french fries smothered in brown vinegar and Cajun salt (ketchup for the kids)...tasty, so tasty.

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