Saturday, 27 May 2017

In the Garden

My garden has been a family effort this year. My son did all the weeding, turned up the soil and planted my new plants, plus he took me shopping for the baskets. My daughter and her husband laid down the mulch and put up the fairy lights. Or, to be truthful, My son-in-law put up the fairy lights, all 72 feet of them, attached with zip ties to the trio of trellises.

I went out that night to see how it looked and was disappointed to find the lights didn't work. I wondered if there was a problem with the lights, and wasn't looking forward to taking them down to return. Then I had a thought, did I turn the solar battery on? No, I didn't. Glad I thought of that before I undid all that hard work.

I don't have the right kind of camera that can take pictures in the night, without flooding the area with the flash. But, let me tell you, it looks great. Just enough soft light to be pretty without being overwhelming.

This wall is in shade most of the time because of the large overhang, so it's perfect for hosta. I have two black stands to hold some pots and add some color.

It all looks very nice, a great effort by all. I hope the mulch keeps the weeds down and I need to get some Irish Spring soap for the hosta, as it apparently keeps the bugs away. Now it's time to just enjoy, and enjoy I will after those long winter months.

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