Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ball Room

Did that title bring dancing to your mind, and thoughts that I didn’t know how to spell? Sorry no dancing here, though there are movements that require rhythm, and movement to more inner music than notes that are played out loud.

I’m talking about tennis. Tennis and ball room, you ask?

I’ve been sick and found myself awake at five o’clock this morning, and turned to the French Open to pass the time. It was a match between Rafael Nadal and Quentin Halys of France. Rafa, as he is more commonly called came out the victor.

Rafa was dressed in “electric blue” according to the commentators, right down to his socks and shoes. I quickly got the feeling the cameraman had a thing for the player from Spain; the camera was on him almost exclusively, close up shots taken with a zoom lens of various body parts. There were some head shots, but more action shots of Rafa’s legs (sometimes in what seemed to be slow motion when each muscle group was clearly defined in movement) and other lower body parts (shorts shots).

It’s routine for players who are about to serve to select three balls, one in hand to serve and two go into the pocket for the next serve if needed. I’ve watched the women play and they don’t have the same kind of wardrobe, as in no pockets, so the ladies often tuck the balls under the leg of their shorts.

I guess this is what must be done, as the players don’t want the break in concentration as they are about to serve. I just think it must be uncomfortable. What if a serve is returned and the volley goes on and on, do they play with balls in their pockets until there is a break in play? I’ll have to watch another match, in case the camera picks it up when a player tosses his balls.

My next thought was whether clothing companies like Nike take that into consideration when they design tennis shorts. After all, every man would want to make sure he has enough ball room in his pants, right?

Curious and curiouser. I’m going back to sleep, my brain is tired.

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