Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Book #34...Celebrity in Death

Nadine Furst wrote the book, and now Hollywood is in New York to film the movie The Icove Agenda based on a previous case.

At a dinner where the cast playing New York’s finest meet the real thing. One of the actors is found dead, the actress playing the part of Detective Peabody. It causes a few rough moments as there is a physical resemblance.

McNabb is particularly thrown off, and his relationship with Peabody takes a step forward as this episode makes him realize how important she is to him. I like this young couple and the often comic relief they provide in what are usually very intense cases.

Eve finds the whole Hollywood bit confusing, even though Peabody is star struck. They learn that Hollywood is not all glamour and glitz, but can be very down and dirty.

Roarke gives Eve the gift of a new coat, leather of course. But this one has a magic lining, a new kind of body armor that his company has been working on, almost from the time they met.

As Eve has been injured many times, as recently as the last case, Roarke wants to give her every advantage. He recognizes that her job puts her at risk, often makes her a target, and he will do whatever he can...the car, the keep her safe.

Not that murder is something to be taken lightly, buy I like that this book is not as intense as previous books, something I’ve felt as I’ve read them one after another in a short time. It was a good read, and at the same time a break from all the terrorists and other killers we’ve encountered to date.

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