Friday, 15 May 2015

Book #36...Calculated in Death

An accountant is murdered, and her death made to look like a random mugging, but it’s not. The investigation leads back to the victim’s firm and Dallas figures something is wrong with one of the client’s accounts, something serious enough to lead to murder.

Roarke is the best money man around and she enlists his help in deciphering the numbers.

Eve’s nightmares have become more like dreams, where the dead talk to her. I like this change because the constant reliving of her childhood in nightmares for all these books had run its course. The dreams have some components from the past but are more her subconscious working out the details of the case in her sleep.

At the same time, we have the premiere for the movie, and all the Hollywood gang are back in the city.

The killer is really into his work, as more bodies are found. He made a mistake going after Eve, but she has a magic coat for protection. 

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