Saturday, 16 May 2015

Book #37...Thankless in Death

Choice. Is the person you become a matter of choice, or genetics? It’s a question Eve Dallas frequently asks herself, especially when she comes across a murderer such as she faces in this book.

With parents such as hers, evil monsters who thought nothing of hurting the child they created, Eve has to wonder about her future, and that of her children. She likes to think it’s a matter of choice and that she and Roarke chose to become the people they are, despite their beginnings. In this book a child, who had a loving and supportive home and childhood becomes a killer, chooses to become a killer.

For the most part, Eve’s nightmares have been replaced by a different kind of dreams, where she seems to talk to the dead, to the victims. She knows this is really her subconscious at work, and deals with it, uses it. I like this change, am glad to see the end of the nightmares.

Eve has a decision to make when commander Whitney offers her captains bars. She answers immediately, declining as she doesn't want an admin job, but prefers to stay in the field, with her team. It is enough for her that the obstacles to her promotion (her marriage to Roarke) are no longer an issue. Both she and Roarke are to receive the Award of Merit, for their roles in stopping the people who had terrorized the city.

Life goes on, and as we have become so familiar with all the characters in this series, I like that as readers we can follow along. Mavis and Leonardo and baby Bella, Peabody and McNab, Charles and Louise are the ones I think of first. But then there is doctor Morris, still grieving from his lover’s death, Dr. Mira, Detective Baxter and Officer Trueheart who is going to try for his detective’s shield.

Nearing the end...of what’s written, and anticipating more.

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