Monday, 18 May 2015

Book #39...Festive in Death

The first thing that struck me on reading this book was that it was more about the holidays, and the characters than it was the murder case.

Eve finds herself with a large group of friends, for her, and a shopping list. I enjoyed reading about her shopping spree, and the bargain she made with Summerset to be an active participant in their annual party preparations.

The party is an unusual event, as the invites include cops from Central, officers like Trueheart right up to the Commander, and assorted friends like Louise and Charles, Mavis and Leonardo, even Crack, the owner of a sex club. Mixed in are business associates and people from Roarke Enterprises. Quite the group, indeed.

The murder, yes, a serious thing, has a different feel because the woman who found the body is Trina, the crazy hairdresser/stylist who makes Eve cringe with fear.

I like the ending, a personal and private Christmas celebration with Eve and Roarke. They have been through so much in the last few years and have reached a level in their relationship that my cynical heart believes is so perfect it has to be fiction. But, boy, I do love to read about it.

Book number 40 due out in September 2015, and I can’t wait. For now I’ll catch up on the pile of books I’ve set aside for these few months.

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