Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Plastic Surgery/Plastic Faces

I was watching a recent episode of CSI and saw Lisa Rinna was doing a guest spot. Lisa must crave being in the spotlight as she’s a regular on one of those ‘wives’ shows, this time Los Angeles.

She also appeared one year on the Celebrity Apprentice. Mirroring my own thoughts, Donald Trump seemed to stare at her and repeatedly asked her why she would do that to herself. She was beautiful before, and now she’s just...strange looking.

Obviously had a boob job too

I’m wondering how recent her latest injections were for the CSI show, as her face seemed frozen, she never smiled and her words were slurred. Such is the price paid to fight the inevitable. Aging will happen no matter what we do.

A few years ago I saw an episode of Hawaii Five-O and had to look at the credits to know for sure that the actress playing Danny’s mother was indeed Melanie Griffith. She looked so different, like she was in a wind machine or something, because her face just looked so tight. It was her voice that was so distinctive, but her face was not as I remembered.

I find I can’t look at these women; their faces look odd, and so artificial. I suppose there are many women who have had some kind of plastic surgery that might not be quite so apparent. Like a nose job. But when you get into cheek implants, nose jobs and puffed up lips, you’re trying to change who you are.

I don’t think I could do that to my face, though some surgery might be an improvement, I’m comfortable with how I look. What can I say; I’ve lived with it so long it’s just me. If I was going to have any kind of plastic surgery it would be a breast reduction. Nice to have clothes that fit and my neck and shoulders could do with a break from carrying that weight around.

Maybe I should think about it? No, never going to happen.


Susan Kane said...

Let things sag as they will. gravity is a strong force.

Saw Carrie Fisher on the unveiling of the upcoming Star Wars. She kept her arms crossed over the boobs the entire time. Her face was a mask, her lips outlined, and her voice unrecognizable. Why?

Deborah Lean said...

I agree. Must be why I like those photos of old people, one of an old cowboy comes to mind. Their faces tell the story of their lives.