Thursday, 14 May 2015

What's with the Weather?

I heard a strange noise the other night, as I lay in bed reading, the television softly playing in the background. I laughed when I realized what it was...the furnace. How soon we forget sounds that are everyday common, for a significant part of the year at least.

Saturday was so sunny and warm, a good test for my new SPF 60 sunscreen. Since then it’s been back to cold feet, socks and my favourite hoodie. It’s not really cold, we know cold up here, maybe brisk is a better description.

I like to think I dress weather appropriate. Spring and fall call for layers, sweaters and sweatshirts you can shed if it warms up and put back on if it cools. This is not a lesson learned by all Canadians, as some think they are hardy and can go right from parkas to sandals, winter to summer with no stop in between for spring.

I shudder on a cold spring day when I see people out in short sleeves or shorts, having shed their socks along with their boots. I’m not that brave, though I think of it more as being foolhardy.

We’re in a bit of a down cycle, weather wise, though we are still having bright sunshine. I know summer will eventually come to stay, and we’ll bitch and complain about the heat, same as we did about snow and winter’s grey skies.

That’s the thing about the weather; it’s constantly changing, absolutely unpredictable and always gives us something to talk about.

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