Thursday, 7 May 2015

Book #28...Promises in Death

Promises in Death is one of my favourite books of this series. I’m not revealing anything you wouldn’t read on the back cover...the murder victim is Doctor Morris’s lady friend, Detective Amaryllis Coultrain.

She made a minor appearance in a couple of books, so her death is shocking, but not as devastating as it would be if one of the other characters were killed off.

The reason I like this book is that we see Morris in a different light, see the kind of man he is away from the job. And we see the strength of his relationship with Eve.

To make matters more complicated, Max Ricker reappears, from his prison cell, but still after revenge against Eve and Roarke.

To lighten the mood, we have Dallas and Roarke fulfilling their roles as Matron of Honour and Best Man for Louise and Charles, by hosting the bridal shower and the bachelor party.

Dallas, of course, left most of the party planning to others, and looks for any excuse not to attend.

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