Monday, 4 May 2015

Book #25...Creation in Death

A killer that Dallas, Feeney and many of the team met nine years ago, and never caught, is back. This time Dallas is in charge and Feeney is the EDD member of the team. Emotions run high as Feeney feels the new case highlights his failure to close the case when he was primary.

The first victim, this time around, worked for Roarke, and trace evidence is linked back to companies he owns. From the minute the middle of the night call sends Dallas to the crime scene, Roarke works as part of the team. First the task force thinks there’s a connection to him, and later he realizes it’s not him the killer is after...but Eve.

Roarke, who has always held a poor opinion of cops based on past experiences in his youth, develops a new respect for the men and women he finds himself working with. So much of their work is dreary and dull; sorting through details, eliminating what is meaningless to find that one clue that will lead them to their culprit.

A different kind of team, one where Roarke’s power and influence prove to be secondary, and useless when his wife sets herself up as bait.

We see Roarke’s point of view, as the spouse sitting on the sidelines when his cop is puts herself in the line of fire. Will this couple forever battle over Eve’s dedication to the job?

At the end, Eve needs some of Roarke's power and skill if she is going to find justice for the victims. 

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