Saturday, 9 May 2015

Book #30...Fantasy in Death

It’s the year 2060, when everything is ‘E’, and this case leads Dallas into the world of gaming. The four partners, in a company that develops and designs games, are known to Roarke. He has helped them over the years, respecting their creativity and talent. When one of the four is found murdered, he is affected in ways he doesn’t understand. Working with Feeney, he involves himself in the case, but his emotional involvement brings some stress to his relationship with Dallas.

The reality of life is that when one is stressed or hurting, he or she might lash out at those close to them. It happens because that person feels it’s a safe way to deal, because the person he or she is lashing out at loves them and will forgive and forget, understanding the why of it all.

Those old song lyrics, “you only hurt the one you love” are true.

I like that this couple read true to life. They have more baggage than the usual couple and need to find a way to make this shared life work. They’re finding their path, learning the ‘marriage rules’ as Dallas calls them as they go along.

Morris is back at work, still grieving, and he and Dallas have reached a new level of friendship and understanding. I like how the author has gradually added new characters and how those characters also evolve and change from one book to the next. It still reads like one very, very long story for me.

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