Thursday, 28 May 2015

Making Real Life Paper Dolls

Years and years ago I had an idea, one of a thousand ideas that came and went without being followed to completion.

I had this granddaughter who was just too cute for words and I was going to make her a paper doll of her own image, then together we would make paper clothes for her to dress herself in.

This was kind of what I had in mind, only in paper, this is a Halloween costume.

Shirley Temple Paper Doll

We began by having her stand in her panties and undershirt, in a pose that could easily be dressed, paper doll style. I thought about it at the time, thinking if anyone found these images on my camera there could be a whole other interpretation made of what I was doing.

If I had been prepared, a bathing suit would have been better, but as the whole thing was innocent and impromptu, I went with what we had.

I found that picture last week and it reminded me that this was yet another craft idea that I started and never finished. That little girl is now sixteen, still a beauty, but so far removed from playing with dolls.

Obviously something I’ve never outgrown. And lookie here, I have more granddaughters who just might like a paper doll in their image. Next time we get together, since it’s almost summer and swimsuit weather, I need to take my camera and try again.

Like Grandma needs another project. LOL

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