Sunday, 10 May 2015

Chips/Cookie Confusion

I was at a gathering yesterday, my granddaughter’s seventh birthday, and cake and make-your-own sundaes were offered. The men, who were enjoying a cold drink of rye and coke, declined, in favour of the Dorito chips in a bowl on the table.

I would have done the same thing, as there are rules associated with my taste preferences. Sweet goes with milk, tea or coffee, salty goes with soft drinks, mixed drinks or beer.

So what are we to do now that Dare has come out with a cookie chip? What does it taste like? Is it like a lot of other snacks that combine that sweet and salty taste? I’m not sure whether I’ll ever try this new food item; after all, I have food rules.

And food rules must be an adult thing, definitely not something the birthday girl was aware of. She ate a cupcake, then some Doritios, then made her ice cream sundae with all the sweet toppings. As her ice cream melted, she went back to the chip bowl. Add in a day playing in the sun, throwing water balloons, it was a pretty good day.

I had tea to begin, made myself a sundae that reminded me of the ones my Mom used to make, chocolate sauce and peanuts (only her chocolate sauce was homemade with peanut butter). Later, I had water and a few chips.

Even at my age I still have this need to follow the rules. The hockey game is about to start and I suddenly find myself craving a cold beer and some chips and dip. There’s a time, place and order for all things, and that includes food.

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