Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Book#27...Salvation in Death

Not having had any religious education in her state provided childhood, Eve is a bit at a loss in understanding the ways of the Catholic Church when a priest is murdered during mass at a funeral service.

This book is a perfect example of how the author mixes characters from previous books into the current story line. We saw Ariel Greenwood, the baker, when she was abducted and tortured by a crazed killer, and rescued by Eve. She promised to bake Eve the best cake in thanks, and here she fulfills that promise.

This visit from Ariel gives Dallas a piece of her investigation that had, up to that time, been eluding her.

How does the author do that? It was perfect, the visit from the previous victim, and how Eve suddenly saw her case from a different perspective, the final clue to solving it.

Does the author have characters and their histories posted about the room, so she can look them all over and see how they can be used in the current story line? When she brings a character back they have such purpose, and it’s like old friends come for a visit. It’s also a bit of closure that wasn’t there when a particular story ended.

Yes, Ariel was rescued, and yes there were hints about her and her neighbour, but in this book we see what became of these two young people, and I like reading that they are happy and settled. As much as any one book is a good read, I have found a greater enjoyment in reading these books in order, as each builds on the one before.

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