Saturday, 2 May 2015

Book#23...Born in Death

If you’ve been reading along in the series, you know that Eve and Roarke have risked life and limb, suffered numerous injuries, in order to save the innocent.

They are now about to face their greatest fear...the birth of Mavis and Leonardo’s baby. Of course Mavis wants her best friend to be at the blessed event and Eve is beginning to regret she’s let all these people in her life.

Like each book, this one is about a murder case, but this time it’s complicated by the impending birth. Added to it all, one of the mothers from Mavis’s birthing class has gone missing, and Mavis is frantic for Eve to find her. How can Eve say no to her pregnant friend?

The murder involves lawyers and accountants, who represent big money interests. They don’t want to turn confidential information over to the police department, and in their argument, state that they fear Roarke would have access to that data and use it for his own gain. The police department informs Eve of this and she is insulted, on her husband’s behalf. How can the police department practically accuse Roarke of using her, and using information for his own gain?  Has he not given the department free use of all his resources, risked his own life in the pursuit of justice?

Eve has to tell him, and when she does, he asks her to walk away. He gives her an either/or  ultimatum, as he needs to know he comes first. It’s interesting how they solve this situation, and how they continue to form this unified front.

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