Monday, 11 May 2015

Book #32...Treachery in Death

Dirty cops. Eve Dallas feels strongly about cops who use their badge, their authority, for their own gain. She may find that fine line between right and wrong blurred at times, since meeting Roarke, but any questionable behaviour on her part has always been to see justice is done, not for personal power or gain.

Peabody finds herself in a dangerous situation, and informs Dallas. Suddenly their sense of trust and safety within Cop Central is shattered. Going against a fellow lieutenant, Dallas has to wonder again why someone who grew up with every advantage, in a good and loving home, goes bad.

Dallas suffered such abuse as a child, yet all she wanted was to no longer feel like a victim, but instead to help others who are victimized.

I like that Roarke, with all his money, with his cultured persona, marries a woman who has no use for money. He has a need to shower her with gifts, which she finds embarrassing. Jewels and clothes are not her thing; though she has become accustomed to living in that castle they call a home, with the food and coffee.

Roarke has finally figured out the perfect gifts for his wife. A car that looks like the usual ‘crap cop’ ride, but is loaded on the inside. He’s tired of seeing his wife hurt because her car can’t protect her.

I find the author keeps these books interesting because of the intriguing murder story, but also because of the ever changing relationships between all the characters. 

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