Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book #38...Concealed in Death

Visiting an old building he intends to rehab, Roarke makes a symbolic break in the wall to start the renovation and finds more than he bargained for. He reports the body he’s found to his wife, and before they are done the count is twelve.

Twelve pre-teen girls, hidden behind false walls. We meet DR. GARNET DEWINTER, a forensic anthropologist new to New York. She and Morris work together to identify the girls, dead now for more than ten years.

One by one they are identified, and Eve again faces the question of environment versus heredity. Some of the girls were runaways, escaping from abusive homes, and others were from good homes seeking...adventure?

Roarke plans to make the building into a youth shelter, a companion facility to his women’s shelter, appropriate given what was found there.

Mavis recognizes a couple of the girls, remembers them from her time on the street. I found this part very interesting because I love Mavis’s character, and was interested in the more detailed story of her childhood, her time as a runaway, and her friendship with Eve.

You would think after 38 books you would know all about the main characters. Learning these details of Mavis’s life was a surprise, and made me think of some of the other characters I’ve met along the way. When will it be Nadine’s story, I wonder?

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