Monday, 27 April 2015

W...Word Search Puzzles

Word Search puzzles, finding words within a page of letters, written forward, backwards or on a diagonal. I like to see if I can pick the words out just by scanning the whole page, before going to a line by line search.

The thing is, I like real words, not lists of Greek gods, foreign or historical places. I find the themes on each page interesting. Like the one I finished last night. “Really Big Shew” I guess you’d have to be of retirement age to recognize this...from the Ed Sullivan Show. The words were things like variety, host, stars, television, New York and of course, the Beatles.

I found two pages I should save for my brother...Harley-Davidson and The Humane Society.

These puzzles can be good for the vocabulary, something that’s handy for a writer. There’s the list of words for Want to Help? Words like mentor, rescue, volunteer, guide, grant, expedite, boost, bolster or assist.

Then there’s Stick Around. There are some good words, interesting alternatives to stay. Here are a few. Abide, bunk, linger, park, pause, remain, reside, roost and of course, sit tight, sojourn, stop and tarry.

These puzzles are my sleep aid when I can’t settle. The search for words tires my eyes and lets my mind slow down by concentrating on one word at a time. After a few pages I’m ready to sleep.

I love the “For Better or For Worse” cartoons and they have a number of games on their web page for all ages. My favourite is the Daily Roundup. It’s a mix between a crossword and a word search. You have to find the five mammals starting with the letter ‘D’. It’s fun, give it a try.

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