Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book #21...Origin in Death

Book #21...Origin in Death

A famous doctor is found murdered in his office. They have a video record of his last appointment, know she is the killer, but the name, address, everything about her is a fake. Eve looks at the doctor, sure he was targeted, and goes in search of his secrets.

She comes up against Doctor Mira, who knew the dead doctor both personally and professionally. It’s the medical version of the police department’s blue line. Dr. Mira cannot accept or believe the victim was guilty of any wrongdoing.

Reading these books in sequence, I realize there are many events from previous books mentioned. This is to be expected as the story time frame from book #1 to the current book #21 is only a couple of years.

I particularly like how some of these references are made. Morris, the Medical Examiner and Eve are standing over the second victim. He says “a locked door mystery, and you our Poirot, minus the moustache and accent”. Eve knows the reference, and Agatha Christie, because...she viewed some movies made from her books after the case based on Witness for the Prosecution.

Roarke, a successful businessman, is used to being in charge. He recently discovered he had family in Ireland, and was shocked to find they welcomed into their home, when he expected to be hated...sins of the father. The Irish clan are coming to New York for Thanksgiving, and Roarke is nervous, and very unsettled. What does he know about family?

We meet CHER REO, an Assistant District Attorney, and AMARYLLIS COLTRAIN, a detective new to the city, and a romantic interest for Dr. Morris.

Love is bounding as we see relationships flourish between Peabody and McNabb, Louise and Charles, and Mavis, Leonardo and soon to be baby.

This story is very complicated and has a very dramatic ending. We see Eve battle what she believes to be right, and the more unfeeling letter of the law.

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