Monday, 20 April 2015

Q...Quiet Places

There are places I like to go, depending on my mood, where I can be alone, and just be quiet. No phone, no television, maybe some music, maybe just the sounds of nature or the anonymous activity of town.

Our town has a fabulous beach park, with a pier jutting out into the lake. Occasionally, on a summer day, I drive out on the pier and park, on the one side I can watch the people on beach, or on the other, the boats in the marina. It can be busy there, so it’s a people watching place.

On the far side of the marina is a quiet spot where the waterfowl gather, the geese, ducks and seagulls. They are always good for a show and a demonstration that different doesn’t mean they can’t live together and get along.

I like the small cemetery in town, surrounded with large shade trees. I can park on the road and enjoy absolute quiet. I turn the radio off out of respect, and enjoy the solitude and silence.

In a neighbouring town there is a small beach park, but I go to the small parking lot east of it, above the rocky path beside the lake. The waves crash on the shore, and on a windy day it’s the perfect spot to sit, to think, to listen, especially if my emotions are as wild as the waves beating on the rocks below.

Another favourite spot is the parking lot to the dog park. The creek runs by the one side and the area is wooded, secluded, except for the visitors going into the park. One day I was parked, reading, with my foot propped on the open door to take advantage of the breeze.

I was surprised to suddenly find my lap full of dog, a big and friendly dog, wiggling, tongue lapping, just begging to be petted. Her owner was full of apology but I just laughed and gave the dog a scratch behind the ears. I watched them leave, the dog excited and prancing its way to the park in anticipation.

I live alone, so I can make my place as quiet as I need it to be, but it’s very rarely quiet. I need to fill the empty space with noise, but every once in a while, when the walls are feeling a bit too tight, I seek out one of my favourite quiet places, and they never disappoint.

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That's Purrfect said...

My quiet time is walking in the woods near my house. I work alone at home and usually have the radio on as a bit of background noise as I used to work in an office with lots of chatter going on!