Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Going to the Mattresses"

When I’m busy with a new crochet pattern I get involved and don’t take the time to change channels on the television. I can end up watching something I wouldn’t otherwise view. This happened the other day when I got involved and watched hours of the Godfather movie marathon. What can I say? It was a very productive few hours.

I hadn’t seen any of these movies for more than fifteen years, and was intrigued by the tale of the young Michael Corleone and how he was drawn into the family business after the shooting of his father and the death of his brother.

There are famous lines in the movie that I recognized, like the phrase “going to the mattresses” as the Corleone crime family were preparing for war against the other mafia gangs. Another famous line was “Leave the gun, take the cannolis”. I have to laugh because these lines are more known to me because they are quoted in the movie You’ve Got Mail than from the Godfather.

I must admit I got a lot of work done on my afghan, but I couldn’t face anymore of the movie. Do you ever find yourself in the position of not wanting to watch, but wanting to know how it all ends? That’s why I love the internet.

While watching the beginning of Godfather II, I looked it up and read all about it. While I was there I checked out the third movie and am now fully versed in the tragedy of the Corleone family. The next time I see the mafia movie marathon listed in my television guide I can easily say “been there, done that” and select something else.

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