Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A moment is an indefinitely brief period of time, but a brief time of importance. And as such, there is the possibility to have an indefinite number of moments in any given day.

There are the generic, every day kind of moments, like when your feet touch the floor in the morning and you know you live to see another day, or that first sip of coffee to jump start you awake. These are moments of satisfaction, for a job well done, be it personal, like finally cleaning out the hall closet, or work, for finally getting that report finished.

But there are other moments, moments of such importance that they stay with you forever and a lifetime. They can be life changing moments, like when you say “I do”, when you first see your newborn’s face, when you hold the hand of a loved one and say goodbye. Those are the moments we cherish, and never forget.

The best moment of the day is ever changing, the secret is to make every moment count, to make every moment the best one of the day.

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