Thursday, 9 April 2015


The weather is still cool enough to need a jacket or sweater, and my favourite warm-up item is my black hoodie with the front pocket pouch.

It’s oversized, long enough to cover my butt and therefore keep my back warm. I like the long sleeves and often pull my hands up inside, for extra warmth. I remember when my kids used to do that, a habit I found annoying at the time, and now find comforting.

If not the sleeves, I put my hands in the pouch, for the same effect. The pouch also comes in handy, better and larger than pockets for holding, carrying stuff.

My hoodie is at-home wear now, as the sleeves are frayed, and there are paint stains on the front from previous art projects. I’ll need to buy a replacement, but haven’t found the right one just yet. There’s no rush, as I have this quilted denim jacket, also showing signs of wear, that has been my mainstay change of season garment for years.

Comfort clothes, where would we be without them? I think I’m going to have to go shopping to replace these items. But I’ll do it slowly, one item at a time, to lessen the loss.


cleemckenzie said...

I love my hoodie. I not only use to stay warm and comfy while writing, but also as a signal. When the hood's up, nobody in the house should say word one to me. I'm writing. :-)

Deborah Lean said...

I love the hood as a signal, approach with caution.

Julia said...

It is definitely nice having close that are comfortable, and pieces that we love.

Patricia Lynne said...

I have a great hoodie with fuzzy lining inside. It was so warm for the winter and this cold spring.

Blogger's Brother said...

I have a favourite hoodie, it's black with a large image of "Jack" from Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" on it. Underneath it I like to wear a t-shirt with a similar image of "Jack," and tell my wife it's a sweater set (the greatest invention for menopausal women).