Saturday, 25 April 2015


A couple of years ago, my brother began volunteering at the Humane Society, as a Cat Socialiser. He went in once a week and gave various cats some freedom from their cage, and some one-to-one attention.

It was there that a special bond began...between my brother and one particular cat named Vinny.

If I remember all the details right, this cat was born in the shelter, had lived all of the two years of his life there, where his home was a cage. His litter mates had been adopted, and only Vinny remained.

As much as the animals at the shelter are treated with love and care, it can never replace a ‘forever home’.

Hearing Vinny’s story was what finally persuaded my brother and his wife into adopting a cat. I hadn’t realized that this was the first pet either of them had ever had, in their adult life at any rate. Until the last few years, there has always been some kind of animal, cats or a dog, in my home, and that seemed the norm.

Boy, did they ever have some challenges and some surprises ahead. The timing seemed right for all concerned, and in just a short time Vinny has settled in, and found his place, his home.

My brother is a Photoshop genius, and having a cat has sparked his imagination and inspired him to showcase his ‘buddy’ in some very humorous scenarios. Not that Vinny understands the concept. He doesn’t seem to take direction very well, doesn’t want to cooperate by posing. I think it’s more a snap, snap, snap, hope for the best and edit in Photoshop kind of thing.

I’ve been without a pet for almost ten years now, and take any opportunity to get my “pet therapy’. There’s something about the no-strings-attached love that a pet offers that can make a bad day seem better, and an otherwise empty house full of an unconditional welcome home.

Giving a shelter animal a chance to do that for you seems a win-win for all concerned.

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Blogger's Brother said...

"Settled in?" Ha, it's more like "taken over." Vinny was a unique case to be sure, it just got harder and harder for me to put him back in the cage I knew he hated. So eventually I had to take the big step... to convince my wife to adopt the little fur ball. He's made us laugh every day and I know he's a lot happier here with us. I know he finds me frustrating to train, but he continues to show great patience with me.