Monday, 2 March 2015

Book #7 Holiday in Death

As much as Eve would like to keep her husband out of her police work, it seems impossible for a number of reasons. First is that he is on the fringe of almost every case just because of his immense wealth. Victims live in buildings he owns, products are manufactured by one of his companies etc. It’s embarrassing for Eve, though his cooperation cuts through red tape when she wants information.

Eve likes to talk over her case with Roarke because, with his background in illegal activities, he understands both the criminal and the police sides of things and is a good sounding board.

Their last case was very stressful as it involved Feeney and the death of his old partner. He’s taking advantage of Roarke’s generosity and has taken his family to Mexico, to Roarke’s villa. In his place we meet DETECTIVE IAN MCNABB, from the EDD Division.

Tension develops between McNabb and Peabody, a mixture of attraction, sexual tension and a competitive streak regarding their roles within the investigative team.

The sexual homicides are difficult for Eve, as she continues to have dreams and flashbacks to her abusive childhood.

This book takes place during the Christmas season, Eve’s and Roarke’s first holiday together. Neither of them ever had a real Christmas, not one with traditions, family, friends and the giving and receiving of gifts. They start what will be an annual event, the decorating of their personal tree and the hosting of a holiday party.

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