Saturday, 21 March 2015

Book #14...Reunion in Death

When Eve was in uniform and partnered with Feeney they put away a murderer, a Black Spider kind of woman, who was marrying rich and killing her spouses to inherit their wealth. That woman is out of prison, having fooled the parole board into thinking she was no longer a threat to society. But she is, and she’s an even bigger threat to Eve.

She wants revenge because she feels Eve disrespected her when she was arrested, and now she has a new agenda, murdering men in Eve’s proximity, not for money, but to get to Eve.

Eve has to trace the woman’s past which means a trip to Texas, where her own roots are found, in Dallas, the city she was named for. Her memories of that time and place are now complete and she and Roarke visit there in the hopes that facing her past will rid Eve of the nightmares that still plague her.

The relationship between Eve and Roarke is a difficult one, each being stubborn and with a strong protective nature. Eve needs her husband to get her through this trip into the past, but then tries to shield him when it becomes apparent that the killer has Roarke in her sights.

Roarke goes to the Commander with a plan, which angers Eve as she feels he has undermined her authority when he went over her head, behind her back. Let the battle begin.

Is it a romantic bit of make-believe that every person has a soul mate? How many people ever really meet that person they were supposedly destined to be with?

Marriage is hard work, and not every person is prepared to make the effort, to put their needs second, to hang in despite the hurts and tough times, and to persist when the other tries to shut them out. Eve and Roarke are not a perfect couple, they fight and argue, on occasion turn away from each other, but they always find the path that leads them back to each other.

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