Monday, 30 March 2015

Book #19...Visions in Death

Women are being grabbed in the city’s parks, beaten and raped. The manner in which the bodies are left make the detectives think, as the victims have a physical likeness, that the killer is, in his mind, killing the same woman over and over again. They speculate that he was most likely abused by this woman as a child.

Eve becomes angry, telling Peabody that being abused is no excuse to do evil. The partners have reached a level of trust and acceptance, and Eve finally tells the detective about her childhood.

The visions in this book are from a psychic who comes forward after ‘seeing’ one of the murders in a dream. Eve, of course, is skeptical.

Not to spoil what happens, but Roarke and McNabb have a meaningful conversation about what it feels like to be the one waiting at home, never knowing when or if there will be that dreaded knock at the door.

Peabody and McNabb are moving in together, their new apartment in the same building as Mavis and Leonardo. 

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