Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Book # 20...Survivor in Death

Eve had never had any experience with children and finds Mavis’s pregnancy alarming, especially as her friend expects Eve to be a birth coach.

When she takes a young girl, the only survivor of a home invasion, into her home, she is out of her element.

The little girl’s situation is not the same as Eve’s, for she knew and has lost a loving family. The detective can’t help but compare, and knows too well what the girl’s life will be like if there is no one to take her and she has to enter the foster care system.

Summerset has been a parent and childcare duties fall into his hands, but having a child in the house proves to be an eye opener for Eve and Roarke, as neither have ever known what family life is like.

The case proves much more complicated than just a home invasion and Eve feels the burden of responsibility...caring for an orphaned child, Peabody returning to duty after her injuries (Book #19) and cops killed in the line of duty.

One of the things I really like in this series is the interconnection between books. More than just a quick reference to what happened in he previous book, characters are introduced who would seem to only have a role in that particular plot, but I like the surprise of meeting them again. In this book there are characters from the first book making their reappearance.

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