Friday, 27 March 2015

Angels in My Window

A number of years ago I added to my angel collection with the purchase of three stained glass angel ornaments. They were small and though two of them may look like Christmas tree ornaments, the third could definitely be for a window.

I decided each ornament represented a grandchild and hung them in my living room window, in the children’s birth order. The original two pieces were made by the same artist, and I liked the use of prisms and the silver wings. I never found any of her work again and had to go to stained glass ornaments to complete my collection.

It always surprised me how much the grandkids loved to see these angels, and when they were at my place visiting they would always ask me to go over which ornament belonged to who and would lovingly touch the one that represented them.

I thought it was a little bit of whimsy on my part, but being the proud grandmother, I too would look at the grouping and think of my “angels”.

It’s been almost two years since I moved and for some reason I hung the angels in the bedroom window instead of the larger picture window in the living room. I think I liked to see them as I come and go, as the window is right beside the door.

The other day my son’s children were leaving and caught sight of the ornaments in the window. We went through the familiar who’s who, and I was delighted that even at their young age they had not forgotten.

They did remind me that there were only six, and that I have gained a new and seventh angel. I guess I’ll be going ornament shopping and see a day trip to some craft shops in my future.

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