Friday, 20 March 2015

Book #13...Seduction in Death

Many of the murders that occur in this series are sexual homicides. In this book there is a Casanova Killer, seducing and killing young women.

Because of the sexual component to the murder, Eve is constantly bombarded with situations that trigger bad dreams and flashbacks of her childhood. I suppose it might be written this way to allow for Eve’s past to again be told...for the first time reader who picks up a book mid series.

What helps to make the retelling fresh is that Eve’s memories are changing, in that she’s remembering more, questioning more, and feeling more. We have yet to get her whole story.

She has Roarke, who suffers almost as much as her when she dreams, and Doctor Mira for support.

I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed reading these books again in sequence. It’s like one long story as each book makes references to the previous story and very little time has elapsed from one book to the next. As I haven’t been as well this last month, I apologise that I’ve been reading and not taking notes as was my purpose. I have made some observations for the next few books in the series, and after that I’ll try to pay more attention.

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