Friday, 13 March 2015

Book #11...Judgement in Death

The roots of Roarke’s financial empire were buried deep in illegal activities. Even at a young age he had ambition to pull himself out of the streets of Dublin, but even though he wanted success and power, there were limits to what he was willing to do for a profit.

He once worked with a man named Max Ricker, but broke off their association, something Max has never forgotten or forgiven.

Now Max is back, and causing trouble, and a suspect in Eve’s new case. Cops are being murdered, and the question becomes...were they dirty and working for Ricker? And what is Ricker’s end game?

Eve and Roarke are both stubborn, each wanting to be in control. Eve feels, as she has the badge, that she should be in control. Roarke, of course, feels that this is his issue to deal with, as he is the one with the history, the knowledge of Ricker’s criminal organization. They face each other across that invisible line again, and once more put their relationship to a test, proving how much they love each other and how far they would each go to protect the other.

We meet Lieutenant Don Webster, with Internal Affairs, a man who has a history with Eve both personal and from the academy. 

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