Thursday, 26 March 2015

Book #17...Imitation in Death

It’s the summer of 2059 and people are being murdered, by a copycat using the style of famous serial killers. The killer looks at it as a game, leaving letters for Eve at every crime scene.

Roarke is still dealing with the fact that he has a family in Ireland. He always thought he’d been abandoned by the woman he believed to be his mother. It’s a lot to deal with, the guilt that his father murdered his mother and the grief for the birth mother who loved him that he was denied a chance to know.

All these emotions about mothers cause Eve to have a flashback of her mother, a lost memory.

We see more interaction with Eve’s squad, with Detective Baxter and his trainee Officer Trueheart. There is a growing kinship between Medical Examiner Morris and Eve, with their dedication to finding the truth for the dead. Another story development is Peabody’s relationship with McNabb. She is studying for the Detective’s exam and is afraid she’ll fail and disappoint Eve.

Eve and Roarke are two strong and independent people trying to deal with troubling emotions alone, to protect the other. Roarke has all this self blame and grief he tries to hide, and Eve keeps the disturbing memories that haunt her secret.

You just know the tension will build between them, at the same time as the murder case is coming to a close. These two will have to find their way back to each other, learning another of those Marriage Rules as they work together to get the job done.

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