Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mom's Grocery List

When my daughter was here the other day she made fun of my shopping list, written out on a magnet pad on my fridge. The items were spaced out all over the page, something she thought strange.

“My mother made her shopping list that way,” I told her. “Like items are listed together, where they’re found in the store. It’s easier, less running around and you’re less likely to miss an item.”

It’s funny the small, inconsequential things we learn from our parents. When my Mom made out her list she had a column down the right side with the days of the week and the meals she had planned. From that she made her grocery list.

I never thought of my Mom as being that kind of ‘Susie Homemaker’ organized. She wasn’t a June Cleaver kind of Mom, and you’d have to be old to get that reference. Mom was an artist, and cleaning house and baking cookies were not her strong suit.

This little stroll down memory lane just served to remind me that we all have our strengths, our talents and our needs. Being a creative Mom myself, I often put my creative needs aside for the greater need of my family. It’s what you do, for those you love.

It was nice to remember this little bit of my Mom, and what she taught me. I wonder what my children will remember of me in some chance moment when I’ve been long gone and am just a memory?

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