Friday, 27 February 2015

Book #6 Vengeance in Death

Following the trend of the previous two books, where Eve’s relationships are showcased as she goes about her job of solving murders, this book is about her husband Roarke.

Eve looks at the house Roarke built, more castle than house and realizes she is more at ease living there than she would ever have imagined. Roarke worked hard to gain his financial success, so he earned it, where she’d fallen into it.

Both their childhoods were miserable, and where there are many blanks in Eve’s memory, Roarke remembers all of his abusive beginnings. His start to building his empire was involved activities that were not quite legal, something Eve has to learn to accept.

The murders here have their roots in Ireland and something that happened years ago. Roarke is forced to tell Eve of past events, putting them at odds. She has to find a way to stop a murderer, and protect her husband at the same time.

Here the relationship between Summerset and Roarke is explained. Summerset and Eve must set their differences aside to work together to protect Roarke, and eventually are both put in jeopardy.

New characters are a young boy named KEVIN, found at a crime scene and who Roarke feels compelled to help. We also meet DETECTIVE DAVID BAXTER, a detective in Eve’s homicide division. And finally, when Eve and Roarke visit Ireland, we meet BRIAN, a childhood friend of Roarke’s.

Flawed characters are so much more interesting, and though Roarke comes across as the rich and powerful businessman he is, there are untold depths to his character, to his sense of right and wrong, and to how far he will go to protect those he loves.

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