Monday, 23 February 2015

Book #5 Ceremony in Death

It is autumn in the year 2058, and a fellow cop is dead, not in the line of duty, but of heart failure, while sitting in his chair. The situation is difficult, as he was a good friend of Feeney’s, Eve’s mentor and former partner.

The story has multiple murders, witchcraft, and Satanism. The dead cop’s family is involved so Feeney struggles with his dual roles, cop and friend. Eve is assigned to investigate the cop, as his most recent activities bring his behaviour into question, and the situation is made more difficult because she is not to let Feeney be involved.

It becomes all about secrets, and strained relationships.

Eve has to inform two mothers of the death of their child, and the responses are very different. This opens Eve up to thoughts of her own parent, and we learn she has no memories of her mother.

This book introduces JAMIE LINGSTROM, an innocent bystander to all the violence, but an intriguing genius with electronics.

I like that the last book put Mavis centre stage and showcased her relationship with Eve. They were faced with a difficult situation and had to trust each other to get them through. This book is about Eve’s relationship with Feeney. He is angry when he finds out he’s been kept out of the investigation and he turns on his ex-partner.

Eve realizes that the cost of having people in her life, people she cares about, leaves her vulnerable to being hurt, but for the first time in her life, she is not alone, she has Roarke.

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