Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Photo Posing

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s the other night, but I did watch a few of the news feeds that showed what the women were wearing on the Red Carpet. Am I the only one who thinks the pose they all assume, which is supposed to be complimentary, looks more like the poser has crossed her legs because she has to go to the bathroom?

It’s the same pose the women take when talking on camera on various talk shows, and I always think they look awkward, and a little off balance. It’s like all those over the shoulder looks that are supposed to make them look good.

I wish they’d find another way to stand, but I guess standing with legs apart is not lady-like, or with a hip cocked is too much attitude.

At least if they’re wearing a long flowing gown they can pose more comfortably, it’s the short dresses that are the difficult ones. 

And does anyone else, in seeing these women standing, wonder how they manage to sit?

Every woman wants to feel like a princess, at least once in her life.

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