Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ho Hum Television

I’m sitting here watching the hockey game, Leafs are losing again, in what could be their 10th loss. January was not kind to them, and February isn’t looking much better. I like the noise in the background, and for some reason, I’ve been a hockey fan since the Olympics.

I should be watching my usual crime shows, new NCIS tonight, but I’m not in the mood and have my DVR programmed so I don’t miss any episodes. I have a number of shows taped that I’ve yet to watch, saving them for later, when there’s absolutely nothing to watch.

And isn’t that a sad statement, given the number of channels I get. My first choice is crime, and never, ever, any of those reality shows.

Leafs just scored. Now Predators 2-Leafs 1.

I don’t like chat shows because there are just too many people talking at once, trying to be heard. I do like the Food Network and of course HGTV.

I watched Ellen Degeneres’ new show today and really enjoyed it. The five designers each picked a closet that held the items they were to design a cabinet for. The choices were: for a woman, for a baby, to store craft supplies, china cabinet items and a bar.

They have 3 days to come up with the design and make it, with the assist of a carpenter. I like to see what they come up with. It’s kind of like Project Runway, for furniture instead of clothes. The woman who made a cabinet to store baby items was eliminated. She tried to be too creative; making a cabinet that could work in many areas of the house, and forgot who she was designing for. She did not make her piece safe for a baby, and ignored legal requirements.

Being a creative person, I love to see what people come up with when given a challenge. Years ago there was a similar show, only for artists. There were different styles and mediums represented, and each week the artists were given a theme for their work. It culminated in an art show where the work was judged and an artist eliminated from the competition.

No more goals scored, almost end of the second period. I think I’ll get ready for bed, and read for awhile. If there’s any worthwhile action, I’ll catch it in the instant replay.

(Spoke too soon. A breakaway on the Leaf goal and I think the Goalie is hurt, he’s left the ice and the relief goalie is coming out. Catch you up later).

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