Friday, 30 January 2015

Book #1 Naked in Death

The ‘In Death’ books are basically stories of murder and suspense, but with an underlying story of a romance. This is my review of the book, not looking at the plot of the murder, but looking at how the characters evolve, how new characters are introduced, how repeated information is given. I hope to read one book a week and share my thoughts, from a writer's perspective.


EVE DALLAS is a ten year veteran of the New York Police and Security Department. She is a complicated and conflicted woman. At eight years of age, found abandoned in the street, beaten and abused, she has no memory of who she was or what happened to her.

To be a cop, and a good one, is all she’s ever wanted. She’s had no experience of family, of love and belonging, her life was the job.

Other characters introduced are CAPTAIN RYAN FEENEY, her former partner and now head of the Electronic Detective Division, and COMMANDER JACK WHITNEY, the head of the police department at Cop Central.

During the murder she is investigating, she crosses paths with ROARKE, a mysterious self-made multi billionaire and her prime suspect. This is where the romance begins. The attraction is immediate, and though Eve tries to resist, she admits to feelings she’s never before experienced.

Their budding relationship causes problems for Eve, a conflict between the personal life she never allowed herself to have, and her career. As much as she trusts Roarke is not her killer, the evidence is there, and others in the police department are not as convinced.

Roarke also had a troubled childhood, running the streets of Dublin, frequently abused by his father. It seems to be what gives this couple such a unique understanding of each other. The only person close to Roarke is Summerset, the man who takes care of his house, a man he brought with him from Ireland. Their history is not disclosed in this book.

Other characters are MAVIS FREESTONE, an entertainer who Eve once arrested, and NADINE FURST, a reporter. There’s also a male prostitute, CHARLES MONROE, that Eve interviews. At the time the story takes place, in 2058, prostitution is legal, the workers screened and licensed.

DOCTOR CHARLOTTE MIRA is a psychiatrist and profiler, working with the police department. She knows Eve’s background, and it is when she consults with Mira that we learn of Eve’s childhood.

Eve has had nightmares and flashbacks, and with this case worsens that situation worsens as she remembers more details of her childhood.

There are ongoing themes in each book that start from the beginning. One is the lack of real food, meat, eggs and fruit, the cost of which is out of the reach of most, but available to Eve now because of her connection to Roarke.

There’s the cat that belonged to a murder victim. Eve reluctantly takes it home, the first pet she’s ever had.

I like reading the books in order and seeing Eve change. In the beginning she’s closed off to any relationships and during the course of this book she gains a lover and a new friend. Watching her open herself to new possibilities is interesting reading.

The stories are intense and intricate for anyone who likes a good murder and mystery. The main characters have depth, and there are secondary characters that add humor and make the story even more interesting.

It’s a good start, but believe me, it only gets better.

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