Wednesday, 7 January 2015

End of the Season Celebration

Last Friday was my sister-in-law’s birthday, a significant one as she starts into a new decade.We were all getting together, a post holiday thing, plus it was my hockey-crazy, six year old grandson’s first hockey game.

I decided to make cupcakes, not that the birthday girl would miss it if I didn’t, (she’s one of those rare women who doesn’t care for chocolate or sweets), but the kids think birthdays call for cake.

I baked the day before, 12 regular cupcakes, and 24 minis. It was a frustrating event. One, I only had black cup cake liners, covered in white skulls, and two, once I was done, I couldn’t find any of my plastic containers to store all the cupcakes in.

I finally dug out my fancy cupcake carrier for the regulars, and divided the mini cupcakes between three other containers. It worked.

But, the morning of the game, I was loading up my walker, hoping to carry everything in one trip. I had two gift bags, my purse, and the cupcake containers. It was a balancing act, for sure.

I had one gift bag in the carrier and one on the seat, with all the cake containers in a stack beside it. I was concerned the bins would drop off the front, but the gift bag held them in place.

The problem was the small lip at my entry that requires I lift the front wheels, in order to get out the door. I made it through the door but the cake containers somehow went flying and 3 out of 4 of them ended up...upside down on the sidewalk. Big oops.

So, we didn’t have a candle kind of celebration, it was more of a cake decorating party, as I scraped the icing off the lid of the container and re-iced each cupcake. The kids didn’t care at all.

We got to see my grandson score a couple of goals, had a nice visit, a great dinner and some ugly cupcakes for dessert. It started to snow like the devil so we made it an early night. It was my first time driving in the snow this winter, and it was getting dark, so I had an anxious drive (I don’t get out much). The others had a far longer trip, one group heading west hit rain, and the other went north to find snow and then freezing rain. We did the check in thing when everyone was home safe and sound, always a necessity when winter travel is involved.

A good day, a good end to the holiday season, now back to our previously scheduled routines. 

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