Friday, 6 February 2015

Book #2 Glory in Death

A few months have passed and Eve is beginning to accept that Roarke truly loves her. She’s amazed that anyone could love her, for no one ever did for most of her life. But accepting it is hard. Eve practically lives with Roarke but can’t quite commit enough to give up her apartment.

The new case Eve is assigned cuts too close to home for her commander, as the first victim was a close family friend of his. Their relationship becomes strained as Eve tries to follow the case where it seems to lead.

In this book we meet CRACK, a huge black, tattooed bouncer at a seedy sex club near where the first victim was found. POLICE CHIEF HARRISON TRIBBLE is also introduced and a young police officer DELIA PEABODY.

The children of the 1st victim grew up spoiled and indulged by their parents. We learn the details of Eve’s childhood (that back story again) when she compares her childhood to theirs.

Nadine, the reporter, is involved in the investigation, but without spoiling the dramatic ending, I’ll just say that she and Eve forge a stronger friendship at the end.

Roarke presents Eve with a huge diamond pendent, and she wants no part of it, afraid that if she accepts it, it would mean giving up what has been most important to her...being a cop.

The flashbacks of her childhood continue, and Eve remembers that it was her father who beat her. She hides this return of memory from Roarke. She has always been alone, no family, few friends, dedicated only to her job. We see her conflicted between doing her job and her relationship with Roarke. It doesn’t help that he is demanding more from her than she knows how to give.

The author has created a complex character with the uncanny ability to put herself in the mind of the killer when investigating the murder scene. As a cop she is sure of herself and her abilities. As a woman she is amazingly lacking in confidence and self awareness.

It’s going to be an interesting journey to see who Eve becomes as she meshes these two sides of herself.

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