Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The yard out the side of my building looks beautiful with its covering of snow, and backdrop of trees. The plow, or the truck with the scraper attachment, is busy clearing the road, leaving behind piles of dirty snow and ice, the pile higher and dirtier with every new snowfall.

Our landscape is very monochromatic, the trees bare of leaves stand in stark silhouette against the gray sky, the white brick buildings, the black roofs covered in white. Even the cars are almost lost in their blankets of snow.

The snow continues to fall as it must have through the night; it’s dull now, though it can be bright if the sun comes out to reflect on the snow. The red snowflakes, hung on the three trellises at the side of my building, look almost garish in the dull monotony of this February day.

I scurried out late on Sunday to do my laundry. I only have to walk to the common building, but I had put it off all week and couldn’t delay it any longer. I knew I’d be fighting my way over in the cold and snow on Monday morning if I didn’t. I must say, it was a beautiful clear night, the moon shining bright and the stars sparkling.

Here it is Wednesday, our third day of snow, and it gives no sign of letting up. It’s been a good couple of days to bunker in and complete some projects. Or maybe just curl up under my soft fleecy blanket to read.

Just FYI...the Leafs pulled ahead for a very short time last night but, in what has become true Maple Leaf behaviour, lost the lead and lost the game.

I heard the snow blower outside and saw the maintenance man clearing the paths and the snow around the cars. I went out, cleaned off my car and moved it so my parking area could be cleaned. I can see it better as I brush the snow off the car, we’ve had a good ten inches of snow and it’s still coming down.

I’m making myself a coffee, having changed out of my damp pants and socks; I’m towel drying my hair. I’ve had some fresh air, some exercise, and a nice visit with my neighbours, so all is well.

This weather makes me want to bake. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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